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三田図書館・情報学会 Mita Society for Library and Information Science
〒108‒8345 東京都港区三田2‒15‒45 慶應義塾大学文学部図書館・情報学専攻内 c/o Keio University, 2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345, Japan
Library and Information Science 14: 23-28 (1976)

原著論文Original Article

情報論の先駆者としての福沢諭吉「民情一新」をめぐってYukichi Fukuzawa, pioneer in information-conscious society: With particular reference to his “minjo isshin” (the transition of people's way of thinking)

発行日:1977年3月15日Published: March 15, 1977

The early history of Keio University Library has been elaborately discussed by Yanosuke Ito and included in the “History of Keio University Library” (1972). Ito maintains that the embryonic stage of the Library, beginning in 1858 when Fukuzawa set up his small private school, can be looked upon as a descent of “Doeff's room” at Tekijuku School of Koan Ogata, where Fukuzawa and other students studied European science and medicine via Dutch textbooks. This view is very interesting because it traces and interprets one phase of development of information environment of modernizing Japan.

Not less significant and interesting is to elucidate achievements of Fukuzawa, a distinguished leader of the enlightenment era, from the standpoint of information science, and to point out its modernistic and pioneering characteristics of historical significance, centering on his work entitled “Minjoisshin” (The transition of people's way of thinking) published 1879.

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