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Library and Information Science 14: 55-69 (1976)

原著論文Original Article

デュイーおよび日本十進分類法の「地理区分」“Area” table of Dewey 18 as compared with Nippon Decimal Classification Ed. 7

発行日:1977年3月15日Published: March 15, 1977

One of the new features of Dewey Decimal Classification Ed. 18 (DDC 18) is a series of seven “Table” applicable to its “Schedule”. As the “Area” table seems to have the widest application, amounting to over 400 subjects, some interesting features are picked up in comparison with Nippon Decimal Classification, 7th ed. (NDC 7).

It was found that all instructions given to individual subjects are fairly well-formulated. The concept of ‘base number’ and ‘addition’ of subdivisional notation clearly informs the classifier of the procedure of number building (synthesis) on the spot. Double application of table notations to a single subject is not so rare.

“Area” related subjects of DDC also suggests DDC's evolution towards internationalization of the structure and terminology, as well as its undertones throughout the schedules. The NDC 7, as compared with DDC 18, reveals strong Japanese preference or bias, which, the author fears, might exert constraint over whole scheme.

The typography and display of DDC is also good and helpful. Some recommendations to future NDC revision are proposed.

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