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Library and Information Science 19: 119-210 (1981)

原著論文Original Article

COMPENDEXに収録された1次資料の我が国における入手可能性Availability of the primary journals covered in COMPENDEX

発行日:1982年3月25日Published: March 25, 1982

As the number of online information retrieval services is increased, needs for obtaining the original articles, of which references are provided online, have become more intense than before.

This paper describes the influence of online information services on document delivery, particularly availability of primary journals in Japan.

Intensive research was carried out to find the degree of availability of primary journals covered in COMPENDEX (issued in 1978) as a whole and in particular, at National Diet Library, Japan Information Center of Science and Technology, and the institutions listed in Union List of Scientific Periodicals. Furthermore, detail investigation of primary journals were not available in Japan was made in terms of the types, subject fields, languages, etc.

As the results of the research, it was proved that 1,830 journals, 89.3% of all primary journals (2,050 journals) covered in COMPENDEX, were available in Japan. This figure came to 96.0% when availability was measured in terms of the articles included in those journals instead of them.

Thus, it will be concluded that online users of COMPENDEX can obtain most of primary journals they need even under present circumstances. However, for that purpose, it is necessary to establish a national network in order to assure maximum availability of primary journals.

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