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Library and Information Science 40: 29-35 (1998)

短報Brief Communication

規模要因を考慮した公共図書館の貸出に関する数量的モデルA mathematical model on public library loan incorporating an inverse size effect

駿河台大学文化情報学部Surugadai University ◇ 〒357-0046 埼玉県飯能市阿須698番地 ◇ Azu 698, Hanno-shi, Saitama 357-8555, Japan

受付日:2000年1月18日Received: January 18, 2000
受理日:2000年2月19日Accepted: February 19, 2000
発行日:2000年6月30日Published: June 30, 2000

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new mathematical model for predicting the amount of loan at public libraries, and to investigate the validity of the model by using statistical data on public libraries at Saitama Prefecture in Japan. The model is L=aCPexp(−bC), where L is the number of times books are circulated in a library, C is the number of books held at the library, P is the population within the service area, and a and b are parameters. The model explains well statistical variation of the amount of loan at Saitama Prefecture. It can be said that the result shows a sort of “inverse effect” of size of collection or population, which is represented by exp(−bC) in the model, on the increase in loan. Also, a simple simulation based on the model is tried to assess the effectiveness of new sites for access.

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