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Library and Information Science 61: 25-58 (2009)

原著論文Original Article

学術情報メディアとしてのarXivの位置づけThe roles and place of arXiv in scholarly communication

名古屋大学附属図書館研究開発室Library Studies, Nagoya University ◇ 〒464-8601 愛知県名古屋市千種区不老町 ◇ Furocho, Nagoya Chikusa-ku, Aichi 464-8601, Japan

受付日:2008年10月21日Received: October 21, 2008
受理日:2009年2月17日Accepted: February 17, 2009
発行日:2009年6月30日Published: June 30, 2009



【結果】方法で述べた3点について,以下のことがわかった。1)17年間にわたってarXiv全体では登録件数が毎年増加傾向にあり,とくに宇宙物理学,物性物理学,数学で顕著であるが,主題領域により差がある。2)arXivに登録された論文・記事のその後の学術雑誌掲載率は全体で47.1%であり,少なくとも論文・記事の半数弱だけが学術雑誌等に掲載されていること,領域では物理学の理論系の領域で高いが数学や計算機科学では低いこと,学術雑誌に掲載された登録論文・記事全体の半数近くをPhysical Review各誌やAstronomical Journalなど,物理学と天文学のコアジャーナルに掲載された論文が占めていることがわかった。3)高エネルギー物理学4領域では多くの論文が雑誌掲載年以前に登録されているが,登録時点で既に掲載済みである学術論文一般へのアクセス提供を目的としたものも一部の主題領域で見られるようになっている。以上から,現在,arXivは学術雑誌論文のプレプリントサーバと学術論文一般の電子アーカイブという二つの機能を同時に果たしていると考えられる。

Purpose: This paper identifies the roles and place of a preprint server, arXiv, in scholarly communication by analyzing all papers submitted to arXiv up to 2007.

Methods: In order to clarify 1) the growth in the annual and total number of submitted papers, 2) the percentage of papers in arXiv subsequently published in scholarly journals and their publication information, and 3) differences of years between submission to arXiv and publication in journals (i.e., immediacy), all 449,071 papers submitted to arXiv between 1991 and 2007 were analyzed by examining the following data for each paper: 1) ID, 2) “journal-ref” which is bibliographic references of publications in which the submitted paper appeared, and 3) subject categories.

Results: The main findings are as follows. 1) For 17 years, the overall annual and total number of submitted papers continued to increase, especially in astrophysics, condensed matter, and mathematics. However, the rate of increase differs between disciplines. 2) The percentage of papers in arXiv subsequently published in scholarly journals was 47.1% on average, indicating that about half of them were published. The journal-ref addition rate was much higher in physics and theoretical subject categories than in mathematics and computer science. Papers published in core journals in physics and astronomy, such as the Physical Review series and Astronomical Journal, accounted for almost half of all papers submitted to arXiv. 3) Whereas most papers submitted in high energy physics (HEP) categories can be accessed before publication, some subject categories, in contrast to HEP, generally provide access to older scholarly articles. In conclusion, arXiv is now simultaneously serving two roles: as a preprint server of journal articles and as a digital archive of scholarly articles in general.

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