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Library and Information Science 87: 1-23 (2022)

原著論文Original Article

記述規則NCR2018のRDFデータ化Converting NCR2018 Descriptive Rules into RDF Data

1慶應義塾大学文学部School of Library and Information Science, Keio University ◇ 〒108-8345 東京都港区三田2–15–45 ◇ 2–15–45 Mita, Minatoku, Tokyo 108–8345

2実践女子大学短期大学部Jissen Women’s Junior College ◇ 〒150‒8538 東京都渋谷区東1–1–49 ◇ 1–1–49 Higashi, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 150–8538

受付日:2021年9月29日Received: September 29, 2021
受理日:2022年1月19日Accepted: January 19, 2022
発行日:2022年6月30日Published: June 30, 2022




Purpose: The purpose of this study is to confirm the feasibility of RDF data conversion by presenting necessary considerations and options and then identifying appropriate options, with the intention of converting NCR2018 descriptive rules into RDF data.

Method: In order to be suitable for effective utilization as linked data, (1) we considered possible options for expressing individual rules as an RDF class and expressing various relationships between the classes; (2) based on the choices adopted, the conversion to RDF data was performed for the rules in the three chapters; and (3) mutual references between the RDF-expressed NCR rules and metadata in line with the rules were examined.

Results: (1) In addition to the RDF class being determined based on the rule numbers of NCR2018, it was appropriate to adopt a division unit corresponding to each instruction applied independently under a given rule. Each rule and division unit was given a URI as an RDF class, and various relationships between them were properly expressed including hierarchical relationships, reference relationships, those between a rule and its alternatives, etc. (2) RDF data from the three chapters of NCR2018 were prepared by performing mechanical conversion to RDF data with manual correction. It was confirmed that RDF data can be converted without major barriers using the adopted policy and choices. (3) It was shown that mutual references between the NCR rules and metadata created under the NCR rules can be implemented, leading to a possible utilization of RDF-expressed NCR rules.

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