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Library and Information Science 90: 25-46 (2023)

原著論文Original Article

公共図書館との連携促進に向けた関係機関の政策実施の分析東京都の起業支援におけるTOKYO創業ステーションの政策実施を事例としてAnalysis of Policy Implementation by Related Organizations to Promote Collaboration with Public Libraries: A Case Study of Policy Implementation in Tokyo Startup Station for Entrepreneurship Support in Tokyo Metropolitan Government

駿河台大学メディア情報学部Faculty of Media and Information Resources, Surugadai University ◇ 〒357–8555 埼玉県飯能市阿須698 ◇ 698 Azu, Hanno, Saitama, 357–8555, Japan

受付日:2023年3月10日Received: March 10, 2023
受理日:2023年8月26日Accepted: August 26, 2023
発行日:2023年12月30日Published: December 30, 2023




Purpose: For public libraries to effectively collaborate with related organizations and further promote the resolution of issues faced by local communities and residents, it is effective to analyze how related organizations implement their policies. This study focuses on the support for entrepreneurship by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), and investigates its policies, programs, and projects to identify the challenges involved in achieving policy objectives. Further, I discuss how public libraries can collaborate and complement the implementation of policies in related organizations.

Method: The policy analysis was conducted through a summary content analysis of TMG’s comprehensive plan. In the analysis of programs, I organized the system through publications of the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, and conducted a summary content analysis of TOKYO Startup Station’s programs using the publications and website. For the projects analysis, I conducted participant observation of seminars.

Result: I identified policy issues in (1) “step-by-step support for realizing entrepreneurship,” (2) “identifying and disseminating information on entrepreneurial leaders,” and (3) “building an entrepreneurial environment through collaboration with related organizations,” and discussed how to collaborate in (1) “support for obtaining information by librarian,” (2) “promotion of the appeal of entrepreneurship through libraries,” and (3) “implementation of library services that connect related organizations with residents.” This study’s approach could be useful for other municipalities and services in examining how public libraries can contribute to policy implementation.

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